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Nature Coaching

Nature Coaching

Join me for a free 6-week Reconnecting With Nature course starting in August 2024.

This is a 6-week course that meets for 1.5 hours once per week via zoom. Please let me know if you have any questions.


What is Nature Coaching?

Nature coaching is not a new fad or buzzword. Nature coaching is as old as the human species. All of us come from within nature, however, most of the world’s population are disconnected from nature. This disconnect has blocked our abilities to deal with stress, decision-making, and a range of other skills necessary to not only survive but thrive in our modern world.

As a nature coach, we will work together to help you reconnect to nature from anywhere. In our sessions, you will discover your roots, your passions, and tools to help find or guide you on your true path in life. Using these processes and tools will help you develop or enhance invaluable skills to take on anything life has to offer. Opportunity is all around you. You must stop and listen to your inner being. Nature coaching can help anyone willing to open their mind and explore why you are here. Something brought you here today. This very moment as you are reading this is not a coincidence. Let's meet and see if nature coaching is right for you.

I will not tell you how to live your life or run your business. I’m not here to give you answers and predict your future. My main focus is to help you discover what you are made of and show you the tools to seize the opportunities surrounding you.

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A nature coach can help you uncover your roots, use nature to gain a new perspective, and discover your true self and potential. Through an integrative approach of self-exploration, nature based business, life, and mindset coaching allows you to actively explore the outdoors and its elements to reach your fullest potential.

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My name is Jonathan; however, I go by Squatch. Nature has always had a strange appeal to me. It wasn’t until the last 7 years that I learned how critical nature is to our everyday life, even when we are nowhere near "nature" as we know it. The truth is, we are all a part of nature. Up until the past 200 years, humans had a deep connection with nature that was essential to survive and thrive on this world. With modern advancements and convenience, humans have quickly begun disconnecting from nature and our core instincts. I was disconnected just like you.

6 years ago, I left the day-to-day grind to embark on an opportunity with my family. We gave away all of our possessions that wouldn’t fit in a 300 sqft RV and hit the road to travel the country. After a year of traveling, we went all in and began living as deep into the wilderness as possible in a custom-converted bus. As I slowly began reconnecting with nature, I immediately noticed my thought process had started to make a radical shift. I found it easier to make difficult decisions and my businesses began to thrive to unbelievable heights.  My journey may seem radical, but it’s not the only way to reconnect to nature. I've learned anyone can reconnect with nature from anywhere, even in the concrete jungle. Through tools and processes, you can rediscover yourself and/or your business and change your perspective on how you see opportunities and make decisions.

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Business Coaching

Over the past 25 years, I have delved deep into the world of large and small businesses. As a veteran business consultant and small business owner, I offer a unique ability to help guide you and your team with an understanding of how your business operates. We will work together to find your strengths and uniqueness to help you plan your business for success. Whether you are a startup looking for individual help, or a team looking to optimize your performance, nature-based business coaching can open countless opportunities.

Life & Mindset Coaching

My personal experiences are what drive my purpose to help others rediscover nature. These tools and processes are not limited to business. They can be applied to literally anything you need from life. If you are looking for guidance through a fog, a new direction, adventure, stability, etc., Nature-based life and mindset coaching can help you see and take advantage of the opportunities all around you. We will work together to discover your true passions and goals in life to help you find your path and thrive in this modern world.

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"Jonathan started it all for us. We are very grateful to Jonathan for not only his super technical skills but as a guide to show us the way. Thank you Jonathan. We have no words to express our gratitude. We would not be here without you."

- Leading Fintech Firm

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"In order to fly, you must first turn off your balance"
- Squatch
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