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Be The Crab

Please don’t try this, I saw this on a random youtube video and couldn’t click away. If you put a crab, a scorpion, and a centipede in a small clear box together. What do you think would happen? Admittingly, at first, I thought it was awesome and felt like I was watching the Avengers about to battle each other where they are all nearly invincible and equally strong. So I watched to see who would win the fight. They each went around exploring their new situation. They were scanning their new environment to determine what to do. During this process, they each found one another and approached or paused in defense. They were ready to battle, they traded aggressive behaviors to warn the other away. It was brutal, but nothing had happened yet. Then I watched as the centipede started to climb the wall. The wall was shorter than the centipede was long, but he could only get 85% up the wall. He was now focused on getting out not fighting. Then I noticed the scorpion started climbing the walls possibly after seeing the centipede try and fail a few times. Ultimately, the scorpion failed as well. Next, I watch the crab try to hug the walls because he had no chance of climbing the wall. He mostly hide along the wall or in a corner while the others crawled all over him. I was happy to see that the three species were more focused on getting out than fighting each other. Then I thought of the fear they are in or the fear we as humans perceive them to be in. They were locked in this cage by a superior being and left to fight to the death. But they have no concept of death, they only know life and all 3 made the choice to attempt to escape first. Maybe it was a fluke, or maybe the scorpion would have started climbing regardless of the centipede. Ultimately, they all still focused on escape as their main goal. This brought another thought. After watching them attempt to climb the wall for several seconds I realized the next step of evolution would bring all three to discover that if they worked together, they might escape. One could argue that at best if they worked together 1 or 2 would have escaped, and the 3rd would stay behind and spend the rest of his life trying to escape until they die of exhaustion. Does he fear death? Or does he accept his fate and shelter in place until he dies of dehydration or starvation? Either Fate would be horrible, however, if the crab knew he would never escape and that he would die there, and if he then realized he could help the others escape, would he? That is the ultimate purpose in life, to help others even if you will die. A passion for another creature cannot be greater than a moment like this crab has found himself.

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