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Carriages To Rockets

How long have humans existed on Earth? We don’t really know how long Humans have been on earth, some say 5,000 years, some say 20,000 years, some say a million years or more. Regardless of how long we have been here, it took less than 200 years to completely transform our place on earth. And it only took 40 years to completely destroy the human heritage as it had been known for possibly millennia. 40 years! That’s it. In the big picture of the human existence on earth, 40 years isn’t even a blip, you wouldn’t see 40 years on a timeline of our existence. It’s so minuscule, but how did it happen? How is it that humans may have been on this planet for thousands or millions of years, yet the last 200 years have transformed the entire world? Is it a product of comfort, convenience, greed and luxury? When did these traits become prominent in the human ideology? Why were these traits not prominent sooner? You might argue that the evolution of the this ideology started many thousands of years ago, possibly before Rome was Rome. But if you think about Romans, Egyptians, Mayans, and other ancient civilizations, why did advancement “stall” for so long? What do I mean? Well, it took less than 200 years to get from horses and carriages to planes and spaceships, but Romans had horses and carriages well over 2000 years ago? So what changed to bolster the advancement in technology and engineering over the past 200 years, and why was it not possible sooner? What changed? I find it hard to believe we changed overnight. De Vinci was designing flying machines in the 1400s, they didn’t work, but they could have with anda little help. That’s 600 years ago, yet it took another 500 years for the Wright brothers to get a relatively similar design to work. Why wasn’t that possible sooner? Now, look at the moon. It took 60 years between the Wright brothers' first flight and going to the moon. 60 fucking years? So it takes 500 years to get from sticks and fabric to sticks and fabric and a simple engine, but it takes only 60 years to get to a fucking rocket that took humans into space, land on the moon, and come back??? Let’s set aside if the moon landing was real or not, these rockets are real, and rockets have been around in China since 900AD!!! Even more perplexing is that rockets were not mounted to airplanes until the late 1930s. Why did it take 500 years to refine the rocket and the airplane to work? Why did it take 20 years from the first flight to get a rocket mounted on an airplane?

I know I’m simplifying this some, but the idea is to provoke thoughts and conversations around the accelerated evolution of engineering and technology over the past 200 years.

I believe there may be a reasonable answer, however, that answer has yet to be discovered.

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