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Write Your Own Future

Imagine if every choice you make was made differently on another world with a different version of yourself. For every decision you make that has two or more possible outcomes, another version of yourself makes a different choice in their own world. How would these worlds look? Knowing this is possible, how might this affect your decision-making process? One tiny decision could create a chain reaction that ultimately determines your fate, your successes, your failures. Whether this is possible or not doesn’t matter, only you have to live with your decisions that you make here on our world, however, your decisions will undoubtedly have some effect on others. Many decisions will be risky, and many will change your life. Stop thinking about what if, the universes will guide you if you listen closely. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right. But don’t confuse a bad feeling with uncertainty. Uncertainty can lead to success and be disguised as many other feelings. Take the path your mind is leading you on. What’s meant to be will lead you to your destiny. Sometimes, your destiny may not be what you thought it would be, but you must make the best out of your future. Your future is not written yet.

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