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Anything Is Possible

In this life, if I can only offer you one thing, it may be something more powerful than anything available to us yet so simple. However, as I can offer this one thing to you, you must offer something in return. you must believe it to be true, or it’s not. To believe means that you know it’s true, without any doubt, you know in your heart, in your mind, and in every inch of your body that it is true.

Anything. Is. Possible

This is not up for debate, you either believe this to be true or you don’t. If you don’t, I invite you to look up on a dark clear night. It’s shocking to me how many people don’t do this or are not in a position to do this. Look up at the billions of stars, planets, moons, nebulas, galaxies. Look up and feel the vast deepness of space and realize, we are nothing but a tiny, insignificant spec, not even visible to most of the universe, yet here we are, a single planet at the perfect position from a star, spinning at 17,000mph while traveling 1.6 million miles a day, with a tidally locked satellite, in an elliptical orbit around our star along with “8” other planets, sorry Neil, all moving 448,000 miles per hour in a galaxy full of thousands, possibly millions of other planetary systems, we are just one galaxy of billions in a deep seemingly endless abyss of space, yet, as far as we know, we are the only detectable planet with life? Maybe we aren’t the only ones looking. Maybe, we have already been discovered! Who’s to say life will only be found on planets?

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